Space billionaires get skewered in the first promo for Jon Stewart’s Apple TV show

Jon Stewart shared a video promoting his upcoming Apple TV Plus show, The Problem with Jon Stewart, and it’s an odd one: the three-minute and ten-second clip shared on Twitter is a comedy skit roasting the recent billionaire space race, starring Jason Alexander as Jeff Bezos and a mop as Richard Branson. There are also a lot of dick jokes.

It’s unclear exactly how this might relate to the show itself, which is set to debut in September. Apple announced in April that the show would be “a multiple season, one-hour, single-issue series” and each season will have a “companion podcast” released alongside it — it didn’t mention anything about comedy sketches lampooning space billionaires. It’s also still unclear how many episodes will be included in a season or how many seasons the show will have.

I have to say that this is pretty hilarious, though:

Apple first revealed that the show was in the works in October. Stewart’s iconic show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ended in 2015.